Willemoesgade 52,
2100 Copenhagen

1979, Road 3639
736 A’ali

bahraini—danish has a wide and wandering interest in immediate surroundings, history and culture.

We are an architectural office with outputs varrying across many genres from design objects, jewellery, furniture, installations, interiors and buildings. We are occupied with our past, our present and our future. Besides dealing with it by the making of objects and environments, we also contemplate its details and vastness through research, writing and photography. As an office, we work independently and with both commercial and creative partners.



Former team members:
Camilla Hoffmeister, Lukas Brøbecher, Minerva Mariotti

Shown are excerpts from positive encounters by bahraini—danish © 2023. It was published on August 24th at Stanza, Copenhagen*

Graphic design by Line-Gry Hørup
Co-published by s / z
ISBN: 978-87-974282-3-8

Edition of 400
The book is availble at stanza and Qala’t Al Bahrain Site Museum.

*The project was supported by the Danish Art Foundation

All rights reserved ©bahraini—danish